Friday, April 25, 2014

Ring any bells?

I've been feeling sick these days... :(

Is it because I eat a hamburger and potatoes everyday? Or is it because I stare at my laptop all day long? Or, because I sleep over 10 hours a day? Tell me why!! Is it because I scratch my ears so hard?

*Japanese Word of the Day*
/nanika omoiataru-fushi ga aru no?/
Do you have something come to mind?/Did you remember something?/Ring any bells?

*なにか:something, anything
*思い当たる:come to mind, hit on, call to mind
*思い当たる節がある:it kinda rings a bell

/iya, arisugite wakaranai/
Well, I'm not sure because there're too many things.

*ある:exist, have, there's/ there're...
*~すぎる:too much
*わからない:not understand, not know, not sure


  1. Konnichiwa^^. Long time know see! How have you been doing?
    Are you OK?
    When I was in treatment period of breast cancer, I felt like you.
    But I think it is Tomoe san's "preliminary" (本番の前の準備期間)time now.

    1. Thank you for your kind comment!!
      Maybe you're right, my "time of life" has just started... : )
      I've been fine, but really miss my friends in Japan! haha

      I wish I can visit your town and enjoy hot springs someday!


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