Thursday, March 19, 2015


Vocabulary! When we learn a foreign language, it would be the most important (and daunting!) part of learning. A language teacher can teach you some words, but they cannot memorize them in your place. We all have to learn it by ourselves.

So, how do you remember words? Maybe the most efficient way is to review the words when you're about to forget. Have you seen this graph before? It's so called the Ebbinghaus's Forgetting Curve.

The red line shows how information lost over time. As you see, if we don't attempt to review the words that we learned, it'd be lost in a couple of days! But as the green lines show, more we review it, the more stronger we make the memory, the longer we can remember it.

I found a nice infographic that explains about the Forgetting Curve.

Find more education infographics on e-Learning Infographics

I used to write words down on loose leaf paper and review it when I have time. As time went by, the number of sheets of paper got increased. I removed some paper which had words I already remembered on it. If there were words that I still didn't remembered yet, I wrote them again on the new sheet of paper.

My Chinese and Persian notebooks!

I first wrote the word that I wanted to remember with red pen, and added a couple of sentences which included the word. I didn't write Japanese translation of it, but the example sentences helped me to remember the meaning of it. Sometimes I drew pictures, or some related words.

It was my best way to remember words. Well, it WAS. Now I use an app on my tablet! My husband bought it for me! Yay! XD

The app I'm using now is Anki. Maybe you know it already? Anki is one of the flash cards apps, which is based on the Forgetting Curve. I put new words by desktop app and review them on tablet. Here's its website! Check it out if you haven't tried!

By the way, I found a funny quiz! :)
How Japanese Are You?

I was "50% Japanese"! haha What's the other half?

*Japanese Word of the Day*
Bingo! That's it! Exactly!

*It's also the sound of door bell "ding dong".

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