Monday, December 22, 2014


Hey guys! Holiday season has come! :) And my birthday has come!! haha
Are you going to see your family on Christmas?
I'm a bit disappointed that they don't have a winter holiday in Taiwan...
Anyway, let's see how to ask this question in Japanese!

/kurisumasu wa kazoku ni ai ni ikimasu ka?/
Are you going to see your family on Christmas?

*クリスマス /kurisumasu/ Christmas
*家族(かぞく) /kazoku/ family
*会(あ)いに行(い)く /ai ni iku/ to go to see, to visit

Let me tell you more about this verb, 会いに行く. You might already know these verbs: 会う and 行く. 会う means "to meet" or "to see", and 行く means "to go". Do you know "to come" in Japanese by the way? Yes, it's 来(く)る.

行く(to go) and 来る(to come) are often used with other verbs.
They're combined with other verbs to show its direction.

For example, 飛(と)んでいく/tonde iku/ and 飛(と)んでくる/tonde kuru/.
It's consist of 飛ぶ/tobu/ (to fly) and 行く/来る.

Let's see some more examples!

/tomodachi ga hanarete iku nowa, koushuu no sei da/
My friends left me due to my bad breath.
*離(はな)れていく /hanarete iku/ to leave
- 離れる/hanareru/ to separate + 行く

/sonna mono watashi no heya ni motte kuru na/
Don't bring such a thing to my room!!
*持(も)ってくる /motte kuru/ to bring
- 持(も)つ /motsu/ to hold. to have + 来る

/ano hito wa itsumo watashi ni monku wo itte kuru/
That person always complains to me.
*文句(もんく) /monku/ complaints
*言(い)ってくる /itte kuru/ to say to someone, to speak to someone
- 言(い)う /iu/ to say, to speak, to tell + 来る

Okay, that's all for today! Thank you for reading and don't forget to check my blog during holidays, too! ;) See you soon!


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