Monday, November 24, 2014

Shikoku Island in Japan

Have you ever been to 四国 /Shikoku/ island in Japan?

Some of you might have been to Tokyo, Osaka or Kyoto. But you know, Japan consists of four main islands, and these three biggest cities are all located in 本州 /Honshu/.

So, I'll ask you another question. Have you ever been to the islands other than 本州 /Honshu/? I don't know why but people in Taiwan seem to love 北海道 /Hokkaido/. Maybe they have a longing for the big snow? I guess so. Actually, the Snow Festival there is amazing. I've seen it once.

Well, I had been to the all islands except 四国 /Shikoku/. I just didn't have a chance to visit this nice region before, but fortunately, I could finally go. :D Yatta!

四国 /Shikoku/ consists of four prefectures as it's name. You see, means "four" and is "country". I visited 2 prefectures of them this time; 香川 /Kagawa/ and 愛媛 /Ehime/.

One of my friends lives in 香川 /Kagawa/, so I asked her to take me to the best Udon restaurant. It was super delicious! XD You know, 香川 /Kagawa/ is famous for its Udon culture(!?). So that's why it's called うどんの国 (The country of Udon). Haha

And I went to the spa resorts in 愛媛 /Ehime/. They have a long history of hot springs, and it's said that many Japanese famous writers had also visited and stayed there.

This building is the symbol of the town, an old bathhouse. Do you know "Spirited Away", Japanese animated film by Hayao Miyazaki? The main building in the movie was modeled on it. If you like this film, then why don't you come for a visit? :) You can take a bath here!

By the way, I found an interesting thing. Can you guess what it is?

It's a kind of paper bag (like an envelope) for wooden chopsticks. It usually has a name of the restaurant or something on it, but I found the one on which the explanation of how to use the chopsticks was written.

Haha, have a try!! ;)

*Japanese Word of the Day*
/are, hidari-kiki nano?/
Hey, are you a lefty?

*左利き /hidari-kiki/ a left-handed person ⇔ 右利き /migi-kiki/
By the way, one's dominant hand/arm is called 利(き)き手(て)/腕(うで).

Which is your 利き手?:)


  1. 左利きです!
    (by the way is 「利きは左です。」also correct?)
    I wish one day I can use chopsticks properly -__-
    thanks for the nice post!

    1. Thank you for your comment, arman!

      You can say 利き腕は左です or 利き手は左です ;) I've heard that left handed people are comparatively creative, but what do you think?

  2. Thank you for correcting my mistake.
    I've also heard about left-handed people being more creative, more introvert, more emotional, more self-criticizing & dying younger. about being creative, I'm not sure. specially since I don't find myself creative at all. but I think left handed people can be more interested to engage in creative activities than other activities. for example I guess we can find more left-handed people at art school than somewhere like law school (though this is just a guess since I never counted).
    By the way, when I still went to Japanese classes, I could find more left-handed people there than other places, so may be left handed people are more interested to learn Japanese.

    1. Were there many left-handed people in your Japanese class? That's interesting!! I remembered that my younger brother is also left-handed. He seems to be unrealistic rather than creative. haha

  3. well, being unrealistic can also lead to creativity, in some cases.

    1. I agree. Actually I like his way of thinking. :) He's very nice brother!


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