Monday, January 27, 2014

The Word Order

You see the world which your language cut out and shaped up.

I like this idea. We see the world in different ways.
We can think because we have words.

I hate studying grammar when I was a student. It was boring, I thought. We (Japanese people) cannot speak English well because Japanese language education makes much account of grammar, I thought. But now I think, studying grammar is also interesting!

I always wonder why people in different areas speak in different languages.
A dog in Japan barks just like a dog in Brazil does, doesn't it?
Or, dogs, cats, and birds all over the world also have their own languages?

Anyway, we have different languages and perhaps think in different ways.
When I learn grammar, I can see how it's different from (or similar to) my mother tongue.

The clearest point is, its word order. Like SVO, SOV.
The word order in Japanese is like this;
You know, we say a conclusion at the end of the sentence.

For example, 昨日(きのう)/公園(こうえん)で/父が/寝ているのを/見た。
How do you say it in English?
I saw my father sleeping at the park yesterday. Right?

As you see, Japanese starts from explaining about the environment.
On the other hand, English focuses on the action.

Perhaps people who speak Japanese see this situation as a two-dimensional display?

The subject "I" is just a part of the scenery.
I think that's why Japanese usually omit the subject "I".
I am, also one of the spectators of all.

English and other many popular languages sounds three-dimensional for me.
There must be a main actor in a sentence.
I watch how he moves and how he influences others.

It's very interesting for me. :)
What do you think of it?

*Japanese Word of the Day*
/otousan, konnna-tokoro de nani shiteru no/
Dad, what are you doing HERE?!

*こんなところで emphasises on the place you're talking about.
Literally means "at such a place".

*なにしてんの is a frank spoken form of なにしてるの

How is the word order in your language like?
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